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Hi FriendHi Friend
Not Sure If HungryNot Sure If Hungry
Hope In The TrashHope In The Trash
First OneFirst One
Phone Call TimePhone Call Time
One Obama Is Not HappyOne Obama Is Not
Not This GuyNot This Guy
Obama Trying To Duck FaceObama Trying To Duc
A Little RainA Little Rain
The Last NameThe Last Name
Ugly WomanUgly Woman
Big TruckBig Truck
Obama CakeObama Cake
Duck Face ObamaDuck Face Obama
Oba MaoOba Mao
Barack OlamaBarack Olama
Soccer ObamaSoccer Obama
Obama With BangsObama With Bangs
How Do I Do ThisHow Do I Do This
Lives Like A KingLives Like A King
Green EnergyGreen Energy
Wink Wink WinkWink Wink Wink
Look At My Big SmileLook At My Big
Rock OnRock On